urinate standing or sitting


Desk: Many types of activities take place in our body, in such a situation, if we pay attention to every activity, then all the activities point towards our health. We can judge our health according to our activities. Everyone must have heard about how to drink water, but do you know that when we go to urinate, what should be the condition of our body while urinating?

Most of the people in the world urinate while standing, but there are many benefits of urinating while sitting, so let us know how people benefit from urinating while sitting. Sir Gangaram's urologist says that there is no factual matter whether someone is urinating while standing or urinating while sitting, in such a situation most of the men urinate while standing and they do not have any problem.

If a person has any problem then his pattern of urination can be changed. You can consult your urologist on this matter. People who have prostate problems change their posture so that they do not experience pain while urinating, although there is nothing factual in this, on the other hand, when people urinate while sitting, there is pressure on the bladder, due to which Urination happens quickly.

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