TTE Voting System How TTE votes while staying in train 24 hours


TTE Voting System In the summer season, general elections are around the corner, and the entire atmosphere of the country is heated. Every voter has to go to his voter center to vote. But have you thought that the railway employees or TTEs who remain on duty even on the day of voting, how do they do this work?

Now the question arises that after all they do not get leave or can they vote anywhere? Today we will answer this question of yours. Railway employees vote in a slightly different way. Postal ballet is used for these people. These postal ballots were used in the 1980s. Let us tell you that they were used when there was not much modern technology.

These people are called service voters or absentee voters. These are those people who cannot reach the polling station on the election day due to being outside their constituency, hence, they exercise their voting right in advance. They receive the ballot paper by post, fill it, seal it and send it back to the Election Commission. This process ensures that their vote is counted and they exercise their democratic right.

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