TT cannot ask any question at this time and cannot see your ticket.


Crores of people in the country are currently traveling in Indian Railways, whether it is day or night, Indian Railways is capable of taking us everywhere, let us tell you that taking train tickets has now become very important. Many people wonder why TT comes at the wrong time to check train tickets? Today we will tell you which is the time when TT cannot bother a person.

Now let us tell you the real information, actually TT cannot check your ticket from 10:00 pm to 6:00 am in the morning. Railways has prepared a new rule, but this rule is needed by those people whose journey starts from 10:00, that is, those who start their journey from 10:00. will apply.

Besides, after 6:00 in the morning you also have to open the middle berth, so that the passenger can travel comfortably. If we talk about other things, you cannot sing loudly and also listen to music in the train. You can also travel with platform ticket, first of all you have to buy platform ticket, after that you can complete the further journey by sitting inside the train and purchasing a ticket to a new place from TTE.

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