Train Ticket: Till what time can you sleep on the middle berth of the train? Know these rules….

Train Ticket: Till what time can you sleep on the middle berth of the train? Know these rules….

Train Ticket Rules: Traveling by Indian Railways trains is very comfortable for the people, that is why more than 2 crore people travel by train every day. Keeping in view the convenience of this, Indian Railways is continuously promoting the railway network and today more than 22 trains are operated every day. Now, due to having such a large network, considering the convenience of the passengers, Railways also provides many types of seating facilities.

However, during the journey, you too must have seen the hassle regarding the middle berth. Because many middle berths do not follow the rules made by the Railways and start opening the berths as per their wish. So let us know about the rules today so that you never face any kind of problem while traveling in future.

The rule is to sleep till this time

Let us tell you that, taking special care of the convenience of its passengers, Indian Railways has kept different types of berth jokers. Which includes lower berth, upper berth, side lower and side upper berth and middle berth. However, all these berths are open forever whereas a special rule has been made regarding the middle berth. Because it is between upper and lower berth. That is why a person booking a middle berth seat can use it from 10 pm onwards and can use it only till 6 am in the morning.

No right to check tickets

Whereas Indian Railways has made rules regarding ticket checking and under this rule no TTE can check tickets after 10 pm and before 6 am in the morning. If any TTE wants to do this then passengers can also complain about it. Railways has made this rule so that passengers do not face inconvenience during the journey.

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