Train key: Does the train start with the key like a car and bike?


Desk: You must have thought at some point of time that every car in the world, when started with the key, is a train running in the country – which takes people from here to there. This big train also starts with the key. Today we are going to tell you what is this train key and what is it called? First of all, let us tell you that the railway network in India is very large and in a way, railways is considered a lifeline for the travelers.

Reverse handle is used to start the train. Actually, reverse handle is a key which is used not only to start the train but also to reverse the train as well as to apply brakes in it. At present, two types of train engines run in the country, one runs on electricity and the other runs on diesel. It is used in both.


This entire process is started through a key or lever, which in railway language is called Z PT or Panto Key. Some WDM 2 category engines of Indian Railways use this process. However, with the new electric engines that have come in recent years, the way they operate has completely changed. No key, lever or panto is required to start the new electric engine. It turns on-off through a switch.

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