Train Brake: How to apply brakes in a train


Train Brake: Lakhs of passengers travel in Indian Railways every day. During the journey, many times the train is stopped midway, it is very painful when the train stops, but have you ever wondered which brake system works in the train. Most trains have air braking system. This braking system is present in every thinking.

These brakes are also called pneumatic brakes, they are connected to a special type of pressure pipe. When brakes are applied, 5 times the pressure of normal atmosphere goes into them. And friction slows down the speed of the wheel. The train stops due to slow speed. These brakes shine like glass. These brakes are applied from outside to inside. Apart from this, tread brakes are used in all types of MEMU, DEMU and EMU trains.

Sometimes additional braking system is required to slow down the train. Emergency brakes are very useful in a train, these brakes stop the train suddenly. These brakes are activated either manually or by the engineer.

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