Torrential rain will start from this day


Heavy Rainfall Monsoon The problem of heat has increased so much in the past few days that it has become difficult to live in the northern areas of India. It is being told that the temperature in Rajasthan has crossed 50 degrees. Amidst this heat, good news has come from the Meteorological Department. There is a possibility of rain by the end of May.

According to the Indian environment, monsoon arrives in India from Kerala. It is being said that monsoon will arrive in Kerala within 3-4 days. Meteorologists have indicated that there is a possibility of pre-monsoon rain in Mumbai from the end of May. According to the Meteorological Department, there are chances of rain in Mumbai on June 11. There is severe heat in UP and Delhi. Let us tell you that the minimum temperature recorded on Thursday-Friday night was 31.3.

At present, there is no chance of getting relief from the heat in Delhi. Last Saturday, people in Delhi witnessed the scorching heat. Some people even fainted while voting. The temperature in some places of the national capital is going above 45 degrees Celsius.

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