Today, by the grace of Vishnu-Lakshmi, there will be rain of money on these 3 zodiac signs including Leo, spoiled works will be rectified.


Rashifal: According to astrology, many auspicious yogas are being formed today, Thursday 9th May, including Gajakesari Yoga, Shobhan Yoga. Due to the formation of these auspicious yogas, today will be a very beneficial day for these 3 zodiac signs including Aries, Leo and Capricorn. Today is dedicated to Jupiter and Sri Lakshmi Narayan. Due to which these zodiac signs will receive the blessings of Lord Vishnu today. Let us know how today will be for other zodiac signs.


Today people with Aries zodiac sign can get stability in their place of residence in their life. Today you may not feel very healthy and may fall ill due to cold weather. It is important to be careful as financial loss may also occur today. One should avoid giving or investing money to anyone today. Employed people will also feel happy in their work and there will be happiness in their personal life too.


Today is a very good day for Taurus people because you will feel very happy. There are a lot of good things happening in your personal life today and your love life will also improve. Today you will show romantic feelings and your true feelings. Today, staying at home will be enjoyable and different people will be very happy with each other. Today you may also get an opportunity to travel far away.


Nothing special is in sight for Gemini people today. Therefore it is important to be a little careful. Today you should be very careful with your documents, so do not lend to anyone and also pay attention to your expenses. You can expect happiness in your family life and some people may trust you.


Today good things are going to happen for people with Cancer zodiac sign. Today you will earn money and feel happy. Today your family life will be filled with joy and you will spend good time chatting with your loved ones. Today your favorite can also help you in your work. If you do a job or business, your day will be good today and you will get good results.


Today will be a good day for people with Leo zodiac sign. Today you will perform well at work because you are studying and can do difficult tasks easily. Today you may get appreciation for your work. It has happened that today you do not feel like staying at home for long and you cannot feel like staying out for long. Today you will spend a good day with your family and take their support.


It will be auspicious for people of Virgo zodiac sign today on Makar Sankranti. This means that all your work will be easy and you will feel happy and healthy. Today your family will also remain a good support and everyone's health will remain intact. But be careful, today you may get respect from younger family members or a friend. Today you will earn money and be successful in your work.

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