Tyre Color: Why do car tyres turn black While white is rubber this is its reason.

Tyre Color: Why do car tyres turn black While white is rubber this is its reason.
Tyre Color: Why do car tyres turn black While white is rubber this is its reason.

Why the color is always black: In todays time, you must have seen that all the vehicles that ply on the road have black tyres. All the cars you see have black tires.

But you will be surprised to know that in ancient times the tyres of cars used to be white. Thats when the cars started. But why were the tyres of the cars white earlier and what is the reason for changing them now All this is an interesting fact.

At first, the wheels were made of wood and plated with iron. This was followed by the discovery of rubber in the mid-19th century. After that, the tires began to be made of rubber, and with time they began to be changed. The air-fillable tyre was introduced in 1845 but fell into disuse. Once again they were started in 1888 and people started using them. Theres a story behind that.

The color of the tire

The colour of the tyre used to be white earlier because the rubber used to be yellow and white earlier, so the tyre also started becoming white. Zinc oxide was added to the rubber to make it stronger and to increase its grip. So the tyre started turning completely white but it used to wear out quickly. It was not even plausible. But in the early 20th century, a cure was found.

Black tyres

At the end of the 18th century, companies realized that white tires wear out quickly, so a cure had to be found. It was not until the late 19th century that a cure was discovered. According to the website of the car manufacturer Korean company KIA, instead of empty rubber, it was mixed with a suit.

Due to the high carbon content in it, the tires began to turn black. With the black color, the wear resistance of the tires also increased. In such a situation, the first tire runs for 5000 kilometers, now the new tire had started running for more than 15000 kilometers.

According to the information, in the 1920-30 s, companies made white wall tires to make themselves look a little different. The side of the road was white and the side was black. But this fashion of tires could not last long in the market

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