This bird reaches higher than an airplane as soon as it takes off


You must be hearing about some bird every day, about which there is something a little different. Similarly, today we are going to tell you about a bird about which many things are different. At present, this bird is so capable of flying that when it flies, it reaches higher than an airplane. In such a situation, people have a desire to know which is this bird, which flies higher than an airplane.

Let's know what is special about this bird? Actually, the name of this bird is Flamingo – that is, swan. Flamingos enter India in thousands. These birds roam from place to place and stay for some time at the place where they like the weather, then as the weather changes, they fly to another place. The speed of these birds is between 35 miles to 40 miles per hour. This bird can go up to 20,000 feet and sometimes this bird flies even higher than an airplane.

Let us tell you that the color of flamingos is pink, but when they are born, they are white in color. Gradually, their color changes due to their food habits. Talking about the size of this bird, it is up to 5 feet wide when it spreads its wings and its weight is 14 kg. If we talk about female flamingo, then its weight is only 10 kg. When winter starts in India, these flamingos come to India. Beautiful birds fly from Gulf countries like Pakistan, Israel, Afghanistan.

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