Thieves committed theft in 5 shops in one night, forensic team and police are investigating


Last night, unknown thieves broke into five shops in the main market of Bachhwara police station area and escaped after stealing goods and cash worth thousands of rupees. It is noteworthy that the said market is located just two hundred meters from Bachhwara police station. The victim shopkeepers informed the Bachhwara police station about the incident. On hearing about the theft, the police of Bachhwara police station reached the spot and started investigating.

The victims, sweet shop owner Vinod Shah, ice-cream shop owner Pawan Kumar Shah, grocery shop owner Santosh Kumar alias Munna, grocery shop owner Shashi Kumar Chaudhary and JST shop owner Manoj Kumar Chaudhary said that we used to finish our business every night and go home. When we reached the shop in the morning to open it, we saw that the goods were scattered inside the shop. An unknown thief broke the cement sheet of the shop and entered inside and escaped with the goods.

Unknown thieves have stolen goods and cash worth about thirty to forty thousand rupees from five shops. Shopkeepers of Bachhwara market told that thefts happen every year in Bachhwara market but not a single thief has been caught till date. Anger was seen among the shopkeepers of the market regarding the theft in the shop. Here, regarding the theft incident, the police station in-charge has called the dog squad and forensic team and has started investigating the case by going to the shop where the theft took place.

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