The Uttarkashi tunnel: How to bathe in the tunnel for 17 days… .How’d you get to the toilet? The story told by the worker

The Uttarkashi tunnel: How to bathe in the tunnel for 17 days... .How'd you get to the toilet? The story told by the worker

The Uttarkashi tunnel: All the labourers trapped in the Silkyara tunnel in Uttarkashi have been rescued. There is an atmosphere of happiness in the country. When the worker came out the Chief Minister of the state welcomed him with a shawl. As a precautionary measure all the labourers have been shifted to a temporary hospital in Chinyalisaur for treatment.

The good thing is that all the workers are healthy. Now the question must have come to your mind that what would have been the daily routine of the labourers trapped in the tunnel for 17 days how would they have eaten food how would they have defecated? So lets find the answers to all these questions.

That was the daily routine.

Trapped in the tunnel Oraon says that on November 12 he was working in the tunnel when there was a loud noise and the debris started falling. He tried to run away. But it got stuck due to the debris. We realized that now we have been stuck for a long time so the uneasiness increased. We didnot have anything to eat. All he could do was pray to God.

The good thing is that no one ever loses hope. About 24 hours later on November 13 we got cardamom rice. When we got the food we were sure that someone had come to the site and a wave of happiness ran through us. I thought we would be saved now. But it was hard to find the time. We had a mobile phone and started playing ludo on it.

But I couldnt talk to anyone because there was no network. We used to try to reduce our problems by talking to each other.”When asked what he used to do for bathing and defecation. “Look there was a natural source of water for bathing and we had made a place for defecation.

Lets see what we do next.

Vijay Horo a resident of Jharkhand says that he will not go anywhere outside his state now. Vijays brother Robin says “We are educated people. You will get a job in Jharkhand. If there is a need to go out he will try his luck in a low-risk job. Oraon a father of three says his family is waiting for him.

He is good he had faith in God and was getting strength from there.We were sure that a total of 41 people were trapped in the tunnel and someone would come to rescue them. When Uraon was asked whether he will return to work again his answer was that look I earn 18 thousand rupees only time will tell whether he will return to work or not. A total of 15 labourers from our state i. e. Jharkhand were stranded.

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