The secret behind Jio Airfiber's super speed is standalone 5G technology – Open Signal


New Delhi, June 8, 2024: The world's reputed mobile network analytics company OpenSignal has said in a report that it is because of Jio's standalone 5G network that Jio Air Fiber is able to provide data to its customers at great speeds. Open Signal believes that customers of Jio's fixed wireless service i.e. Jio Air Fiber consume an average of 400 GB of data per month. This consumption is much higher than that of mobile customers. Despite this, the speed and quality score of Jio Air Fiber remains the same as that of 5G mobile networks. Let us tell you that the speed of Jio's 5G network is the highest in the country.

Reliance Jio is the only company in India's 'fixed wireless service' that is currently using a standalone 5G network. According to Open Signal, network slicing technology with standalone 5G also helps Jio Air Fiber in managing data consumption. The report states that considering the benefits of this technology, Airtel is also preparing to launch fixed wireless service on a standalone 5G network.

Reliance Jio launched Jio Air Fiber last year to bring network coverage to areas where broadband coverage is low. The highest demand for Jio Air Fiber is coming from tier-2 cities. To attract customers, Jio has also launched many affordable plans starting from Rs 599. The company's target is to connect 10 crore premises with this service. The company has also launched a streaming plan, which includes 15 streaming apps with a fixed broadband package.

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