The Land Registry: New rules for registration of land flats and houses

The Land Registry: New rules for registration of land flats and houses

Bihar Land Purchase News: In Bihar the rule has been changed to buy land in urban areas now the registry of land will be done only when the road is ready

Land Registry News: People buy land and build houses on it. But they don’t leave. Due to this they are facing difficulties in commuting.

The Bihar government has taken a big step in this direction. After which some rules and regulations will have to be followed before the registry of land in any city or rural area. In fact after this rule the registry of any land will be done only if 20 feet of land is left for the road otherwise no person can get the land registry done

This has to be done

From now on before buying land or plot in urban areas in Bihar you have to leave or buy 20 feet of land for the road only then you will be able to buy that land. That is along with the land the route of the road will also be noted.

After this the land acquisition process will begin. Because such mistakes have been found in the investigation by the Urban Development and Housing Department. Due to which people are facing a lot of problems and now after this step the government is going to take special steps so that people do not have any kind of problem for the road.

must be approved by the DM

Before the registry and during the registry you will have to get approval from the DM that 20 feet of land has been left for the path. If any discrepancy is found in the investigation the DM can take action on it. Also you cannot proceed with the registry process without the DM approval.

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