The rail cabin is so hot from inside that it can cook an omelette


Rail Cabin Heat: From time to time, some updates keep coming in the Indian Railways. Today we are going to tell you what is the life of its driver i.e. loco pilot? Actually, today we will tell you what problems a train driver has to face.

In today's time, there is blue flame heat, in such a situation you would not know how hot the train driver feels inside? The temperature in the train cabin is 20 degrees higher than that. Due to this, all the loco pilots fall sick very often and they have demanded that an AC be installed in the train cabin. The temperature inside the train cabin reaches 60 degrees Celsius.

Let us tell you that there are 6 motors installed inside the cabin. When the motors run, they make a very loud noise – in such a situation, the railway employees also face problems in hearing. Let us tell you that they face a lot of problems while running the train, due to which they are very upset and they want the government to pay attention to this thing and find a solution.

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