The new traffic rules: Now a fine of ₹2000 will be deducted even if you wear a helmet, know the new rule


Traffic Challan on Helmet: Wearing a helmet has been a part of traffic rules for a long time. But now not wearing the helmet properly will also be considered a violation of the traffic rule. For this the traffic police will make people pay a challan ranging from ₹1000 to ₹2000.

However after knowing this rule many people have become wary of not wearing a helmet properly. At the same time some people who still do not wear helmets properly have also become alert. Lets know what is the right way to wear a helmet and how you can avoid being challaned by keeping yourself safe.

Whats the right way?

Before sitting on any bike people should wear a helmet because the biker should not get any kind of injury in the scene during the accident and he should be safe. But nowadays people dont do that.

Thats why they lost their lives. If you are going out somewhere on a bike first of all wear the helmet well and lock it so that there is no head injury during the accident and the driver is safe.

Rs 2 lakh fine

Under the Motor Vehicles Act 1998 people riding two-wheelers will be fined Rs 2000 for not wearing a helmet and not wearing it properly. That is the bike rider has to wear a helmet and wear the helmet properly. But if the helmet is found open he will have to pay a fine of Rs 1000. This rule has been implemented and is being closely monitored.

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