The history of Samosa: When and where did it come to India Know its history

The history of Samosa: When and where did it come to India Know its history

The history of Samosa: Samosa has become such a dish in today’s time. As soon as the name is taken water comes on the tongue of the people. Whenever people talk about breakfast in the morning and evening they prefer a crispy thing like samosa first.

In India samosas are sometimes seen with sweet green chutney and sometimes with vegetables and tea. Everyone likes it. But have you ever wondered what is the history of the problem and when did it come to India Let’s know…

When did Sammy come

Let us tell you that the origin of the samosa is linked to Iran. Here it is also known as Sambhuska. It was first mentioned by the Persian historian Abdul Fazl in the 11th sari. The first samosa was presented to Mahmud Ghaznavi at that time queb and fruit were used in the samosa. However there is no information about when this triangle was started.

It is considered a luxury dish

At the same time this delicious dish came to India from Iran after which it was also liked by the people of Afghanistan and Uzbekistan. It is also very popular here today. It is reported that in Afghanistan Sukh Samosas in which only meat and onion are used. Especially people do it when grazing animals in the forest. From here he gradually reached India where he saw the effect of vegetarianism and took the form of potato which is why it is very popular in today’s time.

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