The bus accident: Bus passengers are also insured. How to help in case of an accident- Find out


Car accident insurance: You all know that now the cold season has started and the holidays are about to start, due to which many people are planning to go out with their families. But today we are going to tell you some special things that we should keep in mind whenever we go out to travel. You also need to take some precautions.

We all know that whenever we travel by bus or train, the train driver and the bus driver carry the responsibility of the entire bus and train. But sometimes there is an accident while traveling by train, due to which the person injured in the accident is given some compensation by the government.

Many of you may not be aware that whenever you travel by train, the option of train insurance is also given to you. But if we are travelling by a bus, will we get any kind of compensation? Today we are going to tell you some special things about this.

You all know that every state has its own rules. Similarly, there are different comments about the rules everywhere. So let us tell you how much compensation will be given in case of an accident, this amount has not been fixed. We have often seen that whenever a person is killed or injured in a bus accident, they are compensated by the government.

For your information, let us know that roadways buses are not just for transporting us from one place to another. Rather, she also takes care of our safety like whenever we take a bus ticket, we are given insurance from 50 paise to 2.5 rupees in the name of insurance.

For your information, it has been ordered by the UP government that whenever there is any accident with the bus, the family will be given a compensation of up to ₹5,00,000. This insurance is started by paying just ₹1 more in your ticket.

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