Take it anywhere, new Portable Inverter has arrived, 3-3 LED bulbs will light simultaneously


Summer has started. Everyone is searching for inverter. We are going to give you information about a very good Portable Inverter. These inverters are very small in size and easy to carry to another place. Today we will tell you some such great devices which you are thinking about, so let us tell you some options, actually their design is quite small. Because of this it becomes easier for you to take them from here to there. LED bulbs have also been installed in it.

Pick Ur Needs Portable Inverter: It looks exactly like a power bank and has 3 LED bulbs. Its special thing is that it has been designed with a compact design in which the battery backup is also good. To buy this you will have to spend Rs 2,404. You can order it from Flipkart sitting at home. At the same time, you do not need to do anything different in this. It comes with 9 watt solar panel.

Asmok Portable Inverter: You can buy this device online. According to the design, this can be a very good option for you. With its compact design and battery backup, you will love it. There is an inbuilt bulb inside it so that you will not face any problem. You can add it to your list today.

HASRU Portable Inverter: You can buy this device from Flipkart. Its specialty is that LED bulbs are fitted in it and the specialty of this device is that it comes with a very compact design. It is also very easy to pick up and carry. Besides, you have also been given a separate USB port to charge it. With its help you can charge it easily and to buy it you will have to pay Rs 2,131.

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Atul Kumar Gupta
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