Should husband and wife have the same blood group or not? Is involved in giving birth to children…


Desk: Should husband and wife have the same blood group or not? Many such questions come to our mind, before getting married people often check whether their blood group is same or different. If there is one then people shy away from getting married but it has been seen in many cases that people do not marry because of having the same blood group.

People believe that if the blood group is same then there is difficulty in having a child, even if the child is born then he will suffer from some medical condition, hence the society does not allow this type of marriage. But amid all this, Dr. Ahmed Khan tells us that this belief in itself is completely wrong. In fact, when husband and wife have the same blood group, both can fulfill each other's need for blood in times of trouble.

In such a situation, if both have the same blood group then it is a very complicated situation. In this, the couple should take globulin injection. This injection destroys Rh positive blood cells and antibodies and also eliminates the problems caused during pregnancy. This injection is taken during pregnancy. Nowadays new types of meditation are available. In these cases, you can consult your doctor and follow whatever instructions the doctor gives you. People with the same blood group also give birth to healthy children.

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