rope used for hanging


Desk: The hanging of criminals is done in Buxar, Bihar. We know this very well but do you know that this rope is also called by a different name. A fixed date is fixed for the death sentence and after this date the weight of the criminal is brought to a normal weight so that the process of hanging is completed.

This rope is prepared from the plant of Philippines. The name of this plant is Manila, and hence it is called Manila rope. It is a kind of guard wire rope on which no one has any effect and if this rope gets immersed in water, it absorbs the water also. Many people lose their lives trying to untie the knot of this rope.

This rope is being used since 1930 because whoever is hanged on this rope does not survive. This is a special type of rope on which you can hang any amount of weight. Many countries use this rope to build bridges, this rope is used to carry heavy weights. This rope can easily lift a person weighing up to 80 kg.

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