Pre-flood preparations in Begusarai are negligible, the embankment of the Ganga river is broken and damaged at many places


Begusarai Four major rivers namely Ganga, Gandak, Balan and Baiti flow through the district. The water level of all the four rivers flowing through here is increasing at a very fast pace. Seeing the intensity of the rising water level, farmers and common people are living in fear of the danger of floods. But if seen at the ground level, the administrative preparations to deal with the danger of floods are negligible. The surprising thing is that the flood division Begusarai has also done a sub-division level review.

Through review and inspection, sensitive and highly sensitive places of embankments of all subdivisions have been declared, but the ground reality is that the Gaya river embankments, from Bachhwara to Lakhminiyan, Ring Dam and Gupta Dam are broken at many places. At many places, the embankments are cut in such a haphazard manner that the width of the cut places can be measured up to 8-10 feet.

It is noteworthy that among the sensitive and highly sensitive places identified as per the departmental report at the district level and Teghra subdivision level, the most sensitive places include Madhurapur Nipaniya, Gupta Lakhminiya, Jhamatiya of Bisoa Zamindari Dam, Begumsarai, Rani, Ratgaon, Vinalpur, Vishhari Sthan embankment in Kasva Rupnagar.

While embankments of Madhurapur Land Spur-1, Madhurapur Land Spur 2, T Dam, Jayanagar Land Spur, Rupnagar, Chakia Sluice etc. are declared as sensitive places. If these broken and damaged embankments are not repaired by filling them with soil at the administrative level, then no one can stop the nearby residential areas from facing the brunt of floods.

SDO of Teghra subdivision Rakesh Kumar said that for the safety of embankments, these bags etc. have been stored at many marked places. Apart from this, the officials themselves will monitor the sensitive and hypersensitive places. At the same time, Home Guard jawans are also being deputed to keep an eye on every situation of the said embankments. They will keep an eye on the embankments at marked places by staying mobile. Along with this, he said that in case of flood, complete arrangements have been made by marking the place for community kitchen for the food of the people.

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