Pariksha Pe Charcha-says PM Modi


On Monday Prime Minister Narendra Modi advised children to stay away from social media during a “discussion on exams.” He cautioned the people who spend their time on social media for hours and gave many more tips to the students. Here’s what PM Modi told his children:

“Many of you must be using mobile phones for hours” said Prime Minister Narendra Modi during a discussion on Prime Minister’s advice to children on exams. Many of you will be in the habit of running mobile phones for hours. But have you ever thought that if I keep the phone on recharging then my phone use will be reduced… So I will not recharge. Will your phone work if you don’t charge it? Things like mobile that you see every day also have to be charged. If you charge your mobile it is important to recharge your body too.

“Just like we recharge our mobile phones we also need to recharge our bodies” PM Modi said. You will think that reading is important so if you only study it can never happen. You can’t live like that. That’s why we need to make life a little balanced.

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