People got relief from heavy rain, weather became pleasant


Teghra, Ashok Kumar Thakur: Q.The weather in the block area became pleasant since Wednesday morning. The rain that has been falling since Wednesday midnight has given a lot of relief to the people of the area from the scorching heat. People suffering from the scorching heat for the last several days have got immediate relief. The rain accompanied by strong winds has given relief to the people from the scorching heat.

Since the day before, dark clouds have been camping in the sky along with cold and strong wind. The weather appeared clear in the morning and within no time, clouds started hovering in the sky and along with this, amidst the flashes of lightning, the clouds started dancing and raining. This rain made the weather pleasant. The scorching heat that has been prevailing for the last several days has been controlled. It is known that the temperature of the area remained at 42 degrees till 1:00 pm a day before the rain.

The heat of the sun was so much that people were not visible on the road after 11:00, but the sudden rain has brought relief to the people. The scorching heat of the month of May had made life difficult for the people. Due to lack of rain for many months, the water level of rivers, ponds and wells has gone down and everything is on the verge of drying up. The most affected in this are humans as well as animals. But the people of the area have breathed a sigh of relief due to the sudden rain. The farmers of the area believe that due to this rain, the stalks of mango and litchi will become strong. The green vegetables, fruits and other crops grown in the fields have also benefited.

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