On the third day of Ram Katha, as soon as Lord Ram was born, the pandal echoed with the slogans of Jai Shri Ram


Naokothi / Begusarai : On the third day of the nine-day long Shri Ram Katha being held in Mohaddinpur, the narrator Akhileshanand ji Maharaj said in the late evening that Maharaja Dashrath started the Yagya to get a son. Thus, the Yagya ended by bidding farewell to all the Pandits, Brahmins, Rishis etc. by giving them appropriate wealth, grains, cows etc. King Dashrath took the Yagya Prasad Chara (Kheer) to his palace and distributed it among his three queens. As a result of consuming the Prasad, all the three queens became pregnant.

As soon as Cancer Lagna rose, a child was born from the womb of King Dasharath's eldest queen Kaushalya who was of blue complexion, magnetically attractive, extremely radiant, extremely lustrous and extremely beautiful. After this, Queen Kaikeyi gave birth to one son and the third queen Sumitra gave birth to two radiant sons. The entire kingdom began to celebrate. The gods sat in their planes and showered flowers. The naming ceremony of the four sons was done by Maharishi Vashishtha and they were named Ramchandra, Bharat, Laxman and Shatrughna. Lord Ramchandra was of very extraordinary talent, as a result of which he became proficient in all subjects in a short time. He was constantly engaged in serving his parents and elders.

Maharaj Dashrath's heart was filled with pride and joy on seeing his four sons. The narrator said that God was born to destroy the demons and sinners. The life story of Lord Ram will continue for infinite centuries. In the Ram Katha, the love of Lord Ram towards his father, mother and brother is immortal forever. During this, hundreds of devotees including Rajendra Thakur, Ramvilas Pandit, Neeraj Chaudhary, Arun Chaudhary, Chandan Chaudhary enjoyed Shri Ram Katha.

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