On the birth anniversary of Maharishi Menhi, a procession was taken out with musical instruments in Bakhri Nagar.


Bakhri/Gaurav Kumar Kesari: On Wednesday, Maharishi Menhi's birth anniversary was celebrated with great pomp by the Maharishi Menhi Satsang family in Bakhri. On this occasion, Prabhat Pheri cum Shobha Yatra was taken out by the members of Satsang family with musical instruments. The Shabha Yatra left Ashram Bakhri in Maharishi itself and reached the Ashram again after touring the entire city. During this, Maharishi Mehndi's picture was decorated with flowers and placed on the chariot.

In the ceremony organized in the ashram, Pritam Maharaj took a pledge to follow the path shown by Maharshi Mehi. Describing the life and character of Maharshi, he said that he was always engaged in helping and cooperating with others throughout his life. He spent his life in selfless service of humanity with devotion to God. And told people the way to a good life and attain salvation.

Whereas Bhandara was organized after the satsang. On the occasion, President Kaushalya Devi, Vice President Devki Devi, Secretary Chandrabhushan Kushwaha, Dilip Keshari, Subodh Devi, Tara Devi, Priyabhash Chaudhary, Ram Pravesh Pandit, Anil Pauddar, Kedar Sahu, Tapendra Yadav, Vinod Pandit, Heera Sah, Ranjit Sah, Kanhaiya Chaudhary. , Rambabu Bhagat, Shakuntala Devi, Kusum Devi, Ram Vilas Mahato, Rajo Sah, Arjun Yadav etc. were present.

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