No need to put ice in the water tank – these home tips will keep the water cold forever


Summer is at its peak at this time, hence whenever you run the tap of your house, hot water will come out of it. As soon as hot water comes from the tap, people's hands get burnt due to the high temperature, that hot water causes harm to people instead of benefiting them. Today we are going to tell you how you can get rid of this hot water.

After all, how can you get cold, cool water in your home? Note that if the tank kept at your house is dark in color then the water will be very hot. If the color of your tank is white then you will get cold water in the house. If that water is hot then it directly means that the color of your tank is dark, most of the tanks are of dark black color, due to which hot water comes in their house.

If we talk about the second solution, then you should place earthen pots around your tank. Due to the pot, the heat of the sun gets used and due to the moisture there remains cool, due to which the water in your tank does not get hot. If you cannot keep a pot, then keep cold soil nearby and keep soaking that soil from time to time, then you will get cold water from it. If you cannot do even this work, then for this we have brought to you the third example in which you can cover the tank with thermocol.


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