Newly constructed road washed away in light rain…did not attract anyone's attention


Navkothi/Begusarai: The newly constructed road in Chhatauna of the block collapsed in the middle. Due to its collapse, the movement of the vehicle stopped. About 900 meters of road from Chhatauna Chowbatta to Gachhi Tola was constructed by the Rural Works Department at a cost of Rs 1 crore 60 lakh under the Chief Minister Gram Sadak Yojana under the financial year 2023/24. The execution of this work was completed by Earthcon Private Limited in September 2023. As soon as it was built, the road caved in near the camp of Gachhi Tola Makhru Saav. Which the sensor covered by filling it with soil.

Villagers said that this road is an easy way for the people of villages like Dafarpur, Kamalpur, Abbupur, Chhatauna, Tekanpura etc. to reach the block headquarters during rainy season. This road is the lifeline for these villages. Quality was ignored in the construction of this road. The sensor also made a road by pouring soil on the culvert. This road could not withstand even the first gust of rain. Near the camp of Makhru Saav in Gachhi Tola, the soil of the road was washed away with the flow of rain water and the road sank in the middle. Apart from this, there is water logging on the road near Vidyanand Singh's house.

The newly constructed road has caved in twice within eight months. How can its further plight be ruled out in the coming days? Movement of four-wheelers, e-rickshaws and other vehicles is blocked for about eight hundred people of extremely backward class living in Gachhi Tola. There is a lot of difficulty in bringing and carrying grains, chaff and other goods from the fields. There is no other option but to leave the house on foot. If the situation continues like this then the pedestrians will also stop using their bikes and bicycles. The people of this locality will have to travel a distance of about one kilometer to reach the rural main road. Pansas Ajit Kumar Singh, Ajay Kumar Singh, Lalan Singh, Prabhat Kumar Mishra, Ranjit Sah etc. have requested the administrative officer to get the road repaired immediately.

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