Neither blue nor cow, yet everyone calls him Neelgai


Blue bull or blue buck, it is a very beautiful animal. It looks quite beautiful. Its entire body is made of blue clothes, you can say that nature has cherished the deep sky blue color in this animal. This animal is seen in the Savanna forest of South Africa. When it moves, it attracts the attention of many people.

As soon as the summer season arrives, Nilgai start appearing. These Nilgai are seen in rural areas today. This animal is light gray in color and is about the size of a horse but is not capable of running away like it. The reason for this is that its rear part is higher and the front part is higher.

Most of the Nilgai females are of such type that they look like cows. That is why they are called blue cows.
Despite being so beautiful, today this animal is on the verge of extinction. This species has been declining for a long time and now people have also started hunting them. Where this species has become extinct, people remember it through pictures.

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