Nature gives the flying ant this great work to do, but


Desk: There are many such species of ants living in our house which we do not even know about. Often we have seen that these ants also have wings. These ants also have wings. When the time of rain is about to come, these ants come to know that the time of trouble has come, so they start storing their food.

So that they do not face much trouble in the process of collecting food, they start their work two-three months in advance. In such a situation, whenever the rainy season comes, these ants take out their wings. Actually, growing of wings is a natural process for them. Today we are going to explain why they have wings. Actually, the hairs they get are so that they can attract the females and reproduce with them.

The real reason is to attract female ants. And there is a rule among ants that only the queen ant is considered capable of reproduction, due to which all the ants want to have a relationship with her. Only when the rains end completely, these ants come out and lay eggs.

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