Naavkothi: God also breaks the ego of his devotees:- Dr. Raj Mishra


Naokothi / Begusarai : On the last day of the seven-day Bhagwat Katha being held in the courtyard of Thakurwadi in Chakka village of Razakpur Panchayat under the block area, on Thursday late evening, the narrator Dr. Acharya Raj Mishra said that God has determined everything. One should enjoy the divine play. Everything is created and destroyed by the grace of God. Keep doing good deeds and never worry about the result.

God is there in victory as well as in defeat. All wealth is useless without knowledge and wisdom. Addressing the audience, he said that God also breaks the ego of his close devotees. Shri Krishna leaves Vrindavan and goes to Mathura. Here the Gopis lose their senses in the separation of Krishna. Uddhav gets arrogant that he will be successful in convincing the Gopis by going to Vrindavan. Krishna sends Uddhav to convince and pacify the Gopis. But Uddhav could not shake the Gopis even a bit. The Gopis asked Uddhav to bring Krishna immediately. They cannot live even a moment without Krishna.

When Uddhav returned from there and met Shri Krishna in Mathura, he saw that all the gopis were standing around Krishna. He was ashamed of his arrogance. Krishna had 16 thousand 108 queens and consorts. One day Krishna's queens expressed their desire to meet Radha Rani. Krishna agreed and asked his wives to take a mug of hot milk and meet Radha Rani and make her drink it. After meeting Radha Rani, the wives were surprised to see her beauty.

Radha Rani drinks the milk sent by Krishna as nectar. While Radha Rani drinks the milk, Krishna gets blisters on his feet. The wives meet Radha Rani and come to Krishna's place. Seeing the blisters on his feet, they ask, “What happened, Lord?” Krishna says, “Radha Rani has given a place to my feet in her heart. As soon as I drank the hot milk, I got blisters on my feet.” The narrator moved the devotees with the story of Lord Krishna's dearest friend Sudama. The contribution of Akhilesh Shukla, Shivam Shukla, Govind, Dinesh Mishra was very good in making the story interesting with songs and music. The organizers of the program, Ramchandra Singh, Vinod Singh, Rakesh Singh, Ravi Shankar Singh, Indresh Kumar Singh, Pawan Kumar Singh, Satyanarayan Singh, Manoj Singh, Vikas Kumar Singh, Angad Singh, Rajkumar Singh etc. participated in the Bhagwat Katha.

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