Most Expensive Mango Farmers are earning 1,00,000 rupees by cultivating this mango


Most Expensive Mango We all like to eat fruits, especially when you are in India, it becomes very important for you. Anyway, mango is also called the king of fruits. Mango contains the highest amount of sugar which is beneficial for your health to a certain extent, most people, including adults and children, like mango and mango products. Many varieties of mango are also found in India.

Today we will tell you about a mango that is making people earn a lot of money. There is a farmer in Bengaluru, India, this farmer planted mangoes in 2023 but the first crop was spoiled but the farmer remained steadfast and this time his mango cultivation flourished. Actually the name of this mango is Miyazaki mango. The price of Miyazaki is very high, in the Indian market, in such a situation, those who eat Miyazaki mango, their health remains fit and they feel very fit because various types of vitamins and nutrients are found in it.

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