Modi government approves 5th generation fighter jet, China-Pakistan will be shocked to hear the roar!

Modi government approves 5th generation fighter jet, China-Pakistan will be shocked to hear the roar!

5th Generation Stealth Fighter Aircraft: MH 60R Seahawk helicopter has recently been inducted into the Indian Navy. The Government of India has also given the green signal to the Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft Project to further strengthen the country’s defense system. Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, under the Aeronautical Development Agency of DRDO, will take part in this project. Five prototype aircraft will be prepared under this project.

According to media reports, all five prototype aircraft will be fifth generation stealth fighter jets. Which is currently owned by Russia, America and China. A Defense Ministry official said that Rs 15,000 crore has been sanctioned for this project and this first prototype of the fighter jet will be ready by the year 2026.

At present India is using 4.5 generation Rafale fighter jets purchased from France. But the fifth generation fighter jet will leave behind the fighter jets of Russia and America in terms of speed. Because they will be more powerful than them. Fighter jet AMCA with two engines of General Electric 414 will give a tough competition to America’s F35 and Russia’s fighter jet Su 57.

Stealth fighter jet will have these weapons

According to media reports, the maximum speed of the fifth generation fighter jet will be 2633 kilometers per hour and this Indian fighter jet will be equipped with many dangerous weapons. Let us tell you that the maximum speed of America’s fighter jet F35 is 2000 kilometers per hour.

This fighter jet of India has S8 rocket pods, 23 mm long GSH 23 cannon, Mark 1, 2, 3 and air-to-air NG CCM missile, BrahMos NG missile, Rudram air-to-ground missile etc. Will be. In fact, the design of these fighter jets has been made in such a way that even radar waves will not be able to detect them. India will also buy 34 Dhruv helicopters under the AMCA project. For this the government has sanctioned about Rs 8000 crore. These helicopters will be included in the Indian Navy and Indian Army.

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