Maid refused to sign birth certificate application without bribe.


Cheriabariyarpur, When the woman, who was wandering with an application to get her daughter's birth certificate made, reached the court full of the chief, she started crying bitterly. When a bribe of two hundred rupees was demanded by the maid in exchange for signing the application for birth certificate. According to the information, the above case is of Vikrampur Panchayat under the police station area.

Where Shehzadi Khatun, wife of Feku Shah, resident of ward number 04, had come to get the application signed in front of the maid of ward number 04 and wife of former Panchayat head Ghanshyam Paswan to get the birth certificate of her daughter Kainat Khatun made. But the maid flatly refused to sign without taking two hundred rupees as bribe. The victim told that initially she was made to walk for a day or two.

Later there was talk of bribery. And not signed. When asked, Ramesh Singh, head of the Panchayat and state secretary of the union, said that I was sitting at the door with some dignitaries of the Panchayat and other Panchayats and discussing the Panchayat level problems related to public interest. Then the victim came in front of me and started crying. When asked, it was told that the maid had been running for three days. And later refused to sign without paying two hundred rupees. She said if you will pay two hundred rupees, only then the signature will be done. After this, in the scorching heat of the afternoon, I met the victim and the Block Office Reach Officer and complained about it. And he discharged his duty by submitting the victim's application to the concerned officer for making a birth certificate.

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