LPG Cylinder has no smell, then why does it stink when it leaks?


LPG Cylinder: In India, domestic LPG Cylinder is used for cooking purpose. These cylinders usually carry pure petroleum gas (LPG). These cylinders are distributed by companies like Indian Oil Corporation, Bharat Petroleum, and Hindustan Petroleum. They come in a variety of sizes, with the most common type being 14.2 kg. Not only this, the government provides subsidy on domestic cylinders under its scheme. The use of domestic cylinders has significantly improved the convenience and efficiency of cooking in Indian homes.

The gas present inside the LPG Cylinder has no fragrance or odor in any way, but when we add a chemical called mercaptan in it, then when the gas leaks, the foul smell of mercaptan reaches our nose, which makes us feel that LPG is leaking. If the cause of LPG leaking is not found then even a small spark can cause a big explosion. In such a situation, many such cases have come to light in which a massive fire broke out and no one knew anything. So just for this reason mercaptan started being used.

Whenever there is a gas leak in the house, you should always open the doors and windows of your house, and if there is an exhaust fan in the house, then it should also be started. When all the gas goes out of the house, then again you can use the LPG Cylinder. Can use.

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