Lok Sabha elections concluded amid tight vigil


Navkothi/Begusarai: Voting in the fourth phase of the 18th Lok Sabha elections under the block area was completed peacefully on Monday amidst sunshine and tight security arrangements. Voting in nine panchayats of the block started from 7 am in the morning at 70 booths amidst strict vigilance of the administration. It started and continued till 6:00 pm. There was a lot of enthusiasm about the elections among the people of Razakpur, Hasanpur Bagar, Samsa, Vishnupur, Pahsara East, Pahsara West, Maheshwara, Daffarpur, Tekanpura, Vrindavan, Chhatauna. Especially women and youth. There was a lot of enthusiasm for this election. Long queues had formed among the people at many booths for this election even before the start of voting. A large number of women and youth were seen in it. A large number of women voters left their household chores and gathered at Madan Kendra to cast their first vote. They were standing in the queue and waiting for their turn for a long time to cast their vote. Due to technical glitches at some booths, voting was delayed for some time. Wherever problems were reported, sector officers and zonal officers Everyone immediately reached the spot and was helping the polling personnel. Till 9 o'clock in the morning, the percentage of votes in most polling stations was only 11. Whereas by 12 o'clock, more than 20 percent of the voters had voted. In Sector 10, 63% voting took place till 5 pm. Police personnel had banned carrying mobile phones at the polling centre. Police officers were also not allowing voters to take mobile phones.

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