Listening to Ram Katha is necessary to establish ideal character in the society: Akhilesh Nand ji


Naokothi / Begusarai : Narrating the beautiful deeds of Lord Shri Ramchandra Ji on the seventh day of the nine-day Ram Katha being held in Mohaddinpur, narrator Akhileshanand Ji Maharaj, while describing the Kewat episode, said that Kewat showed amazing faith and devotion towards the feet of Lord Shri Ramchandra Ji. Kewat did good for himself, his people and his ancestors. Kewat blessed his entire life by getting the darshan of Lord Shri Ram. God is in the control of feelings. God does not see caste, clan and lineage. He said that Ram can only know love and affection, who looks at his life. During this, describing the character of Bharat Ji, he said that respecting the words of his father, Shri Ram went to the forest. He renounced the kingdom. Bharat Ji also renounced the throne and went to bring his brother. Ram Ji says that brother, both of us will divide the property. Brothers of the world divide property but Ram and Bharat will divide the adversity. Relationships are a very big thing in life. Property is nothing. Today people break relationships because of property. Rahiman says, do not break the thread of love by pulling it. If broken, it will not join again; if joined, a knot will be formed. For establishing an ideal character in the society, it is important to listen to Shri Ram Katha and imbibe it. Shri Ram Katha makes the life ideal, beautiful. During this, hundreds of male and female devotees including Rajendra Thakur, Ramvilas Pandit, Neeraj Chaudhary, Arun Chaudhary, Chandan Chaudhary enjoyed Shri Ram Katha. During this, the devotees kept dancing after listening to the musical bhajans and story.

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