Land: What is Acre, Hectare and Bigha? Understand which one has the most land?

Land: What is Acre, Hectare and Bigha? Understand which one has the most land?

Land News: Land is measured in bigha, hectare or acre. But many people do not understand the difference between Bigha, Hectare and Acre. Today we are going to clear this confusion of yours. So let us know what is the difference between Bigha, Hectare and Acre. And let us know how much land is involved in this.

remember easily like this

1 bigha land = 1600 yards
1 acre of field = 1.62 bigha
1 bigha field = 2.32 acres
1 hectare field = 10,000 square meters
1 hectare = 2.4711 acres or 3.95 bigha or 10,000 square meters


There are two types of Bigha. And the length and width of both types of bighas are different. In many states there is Kachcha Bigha and in many states there is Pucca Bigha. Talking about raw bigha, one bigha is equal to 1008 square yards.
At the same time, one Bigha contains 843 square meters, 0.843 hectares, 0.20831 acres. Whereas one pucca bigha is equal to 27225 square feet, 3025 square yards and 2529 square meters. There are 20 decimals in one bigha. Decimal is also known by names like Viswa, Latha, Kattha.


An acre contains 4840 square yards, 4046.8 square meters, 43560 square feet and 0.4047 hectare. In many places land is measured in acres.


Hectare is the largest. One hectare is equal to three pucca bighas and 11.87 kachcha bighas. At the same time, there are 2.4711 acres and 10 thousand square meters in one hectare. Apart from Bigha, Acre and Hectare, land is also measured in Gaj, Meter and Marla.

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