Lakhpati The Modi government’s Didi Yojana aims to empower women and educate them on how to access benefits.

Lakhpati The Modi government's Didi Yojana aims to empower women and educate them on how to access benefits.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched the Lakhpati Didi Yojana to empower women across the country. PM Modi introduced this initiative on the occasion of the 77th Independence Day.

  • He stated that our goal from the outset has been to increase women’s power and independence. The Modi government has resolved to make two crore women Lakhpati Didi. However, in the interim budget 2024, it was enhanced from Rs 2 crore to Rs 3 crore.
  • Until date, 1 crore ladies have become Lakhpati Didi.
  • Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman stated during the presentation of the interim budget that one crore women have benefited from the Lakhpati Didi Yojana so far. At the time of its inception, the Lakhpati Didi initiative was intended to help 2 crore women in the country; however, 3 crore women would now be eligible. Let me explain the Lakhpati Didi Scheme in detail.

What is the Lakhpati Didi Scheme?

  • To benefit from the Lakhpati Didi Yojana, women must join self-help groups. There are around 83 lakh self-help organizations in the country, with 9 crore women having joined. The government provides skill training to these women who participate in self-help groups through the Lakhpati Didi scheme. This will enhance her income and give her financial independence. In this way, she can become a millionaire.
  • Lakhpati Didi refers to ladies who earn at least Rs 1 lakh per year. With the assistance of the Central Government, one crore women have become Lakhpati Didi.

How do ladies become lakhpati didi?

  • Lakhpati Didi Yojana provides women with skill training and empowers them to earn a living on their own. During the seminar, women are given ideas on how to start their own businesses. Workshops provide education about the financial sector, including business plans, marketing, budgets, savings, and investments. Aside from that, digital service teaches you how to use your phone, mobile wallet, digital banking service, and phone banking.
  • The Lakhpati Didi Yojana provides an interest-free loan of Rs 1-5 lakh to economically disadvantaged women to establish a business. However, this requires a woman to be eligible. The government’s goal with this initiative is to empower women by providing them with jobs, improving their lifestyle, and increasing their income.
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