Jugaad AC prepared 'Poor's AC', will make the room as cold as ice with just 7 bricks!


Jugaad AC Necessity is the mother of invention, you and I know this very well. People invent things according to their needs. There was a time when people used to light fire to cook food but today people use LPG cylinders and people have come a long way from fans and coolers to ACs. Today, due to the scorching heat, it has become difficult for people to live. The fan's air is no longer effective in people's homes. This has created a problem for the poor people and they are not able to understand anything except Jugaad.

Making Jugaad AC is now very easy: Till date you must have seen many ways to get cool air. Here we are going to tell you the best and easiest Jugaad. People have shared this method on the internet which is going viral very fast. To make this Jugaadu AC, you will need a small table fan and 7 bricks. The guy arranged these bricks in front of the table fan in such a way that when the air passes over the wet bricks, it will make the room completely cool.

At present, people are liking Jugaad things a lot on social media. However, for those people who are not able to get AC installed due to lack of money and fear of electricity bill, this is a great option for them. Through this idea he can make his house completely cool. You will not have to put in much effort to prepare it. People have praised this jugaad a lot in the comments.

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Atul Kumar Gupta
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