Jio Pay Soundbox is coming to be the era of Paytm, know – when will it be launched…..

Jio Pay Soundbox is coming to be the era of Paytm, know – when will it be launched…..

Jio Pay Soundbox: Jio is very popular in the Indian market. Apart from the telecom sector, the company keeps making new changes continuously. Recently Jio is also considering entering the UPI payment market. Actually, you must have seen payment sound boxes in shops. That is, as soon as you make payment on the QR code of the shop, it tells its owner by speaking through a sound box. In this series, Jio is also preparing to bring its sound box.

Actually, Jio Pay App is already available in the market. Now with the help of Sound Box the company is going to expand its business further. According to a report, the trial of Jio Sound Box has started and very soon it will be available in all the shops. That means this sound box of Jio is now going to give tough competition to Google Pay, Phone Pay and Paytm. Apart from this, Jio will also give some great offers in this.
After this new plan of Jio, the concerns of other companies may increase. Because recently RBI had also banned Paytm Payment Bank. In such a time, this new step being taken by Jio can prove beneficial.

Jio’s new plan

Right now only leaks are coming out regarding Jio Sound Box, no official information has been given by Jio. But soon Jiya may launch her sound box. Due to which both the seller and the receiver get a lot of help. This device of Mukesh Ambani will prove to be very beneficial for those users who are not comfortable with the same apps and smartphones.

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