Jackfruit is not cut easily and sticks to the knife, so this homemade jugaad will be useful.


Desk: If you are fond of eating jackfruit vegetable, then let us tell you that this vegetable is not cut so easily, although you can cut many vegetables available in India easily, but jackfruit is a vegetable which is quite big in appearance. And the bigger it looks, the more difficult it is to cut it, today we will tell you how you can cut jackfruit. Many people of the village use this indigenous jugaad to cut jackfruit vegetable. Actually, most of the people live in the city and they do not know how to cut such a big vegetable, so today in this post we will tell you how you can easily cut a big jackfruit vegetable in a few minutes.

First of all you have to apply mustard oil well on your knife, after that separate its stem and then cut it from the middle. Most people find it difficult to cut it because they start off wrong. Due to wrong start, the white sticky substance coming out of it spreads completely, so first of all cut it into two parts. If it separates from the middle, then you can easily cut it into 6 to 8 pieces and whenever you cut the jackfruit, apply mustard oil on the hands, legs and knife.

Then slowly remove the peel and keep the newspaper with you so that you keep the peel on the paper. Slowly add the peeled pieces to the turmeric water. In this way you will easily divide the whole jackfruit into several pieces in one go. Now rub the knife and hand with mustard oil and gently pick up the peel and throw it in the dustbin. After this process is done, do not forget to wash your hands by rubbing them with soap.

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