Biography of ISRO Scientist Nambi Narayanan | इसरो वैज्ञानिक नंबी नारायणन का जीवन परिचय

Biography of ISRO Scientist Nambi Narayanan | इसरो वैज्ञानिक नंबी नारायणन का जीवन परिचय

ISRO Scientist Nambi Narayanan Biography in Hindi [Birth Date, Age, Place, Family, NASA, Case Awards, Controversy, Biographical Movie] | इसरो वैज्ञानिक नंबी नारायणन का जीवन परिचय, जन्म, उम्र, परिवार, पत्नी, नासा, केस, जासूसी का आरोप, बायोपिक फिल्म.

India’s famous space rocket scientist S. Nambi Narayanan who devoted his whole life to patriotism. The history of the life of Nambi Narayan has also been very interesting. It is said about him that he would have completed the recent Mars mission in India 20 years ago if he had not had an accident in which he was accused of espionage and was called a traitor. . Through this article of ours, you are being told about him and his biography so that you can understand about his life.

Nambi Narayanan Birth, Age and Introduction(नंबी नारायणन का जन्म, उम्र एवं परिचय)

पूरा नाम (Full Name) नंबी एस नारायणन
जन्म (Birthday) 12 दिसम्बर 1941
जन्म स्थान (Birth place) नागरोकोइल
उम्र (Age) 79
भारत में घर (Hometown) नागरोकोइल
व्यवसाय (Profession) भारत मे एक महान वैज्ञानिक
अन्य नाम (Other Name) नम्बी
वर्तमान में काम (Present Work) सेवानिवृत्त
नेटवर्थ (Networth) 1.3 करोड़
बुक (Book) Ormakalude Bhramanapadham (2017) Ready to Fire : How India and i Survived the ISRO Spy Case (2018)


Nambi Narayanan was born in Nagarkoil, a village in the state of Kerala. In India, he is known as a satellite scientist. Nambi Narayanan was working as Cryogenic Division Officer in ISRO. At the same time, he was accused of spying on India in the year 1997, but in 1998, the court dismissed all the allegations against him as baseless. Let us know about their life.

Nambi Narayanan Wife and Family(नंबी नारायणन का परिवार)

माता का नाम ज्ञात नही
पिता का नाम ज्ञात नही
पत्नी का नाम मीना नारायणन
बेटे का नाम संकरा कुमार नारायणन (बिजनेसमैन)
बेटी का नाम गीता अरुणन (बेंगलोर में मोंटेसरी टीचर)


Nambi Narayanan Education(नंबी नारायणन की शिक्षा)

Born in a middle-class family, S Nambi Narayanan was very smart since childhood, he has done M.Tech in his education journey. He did his degree from a college in Thiruvananthapuram. Since childhood, fond of work, is also recognized as a big patriot in India.

According to the trailer of a movie Rocketry made on him recently, he also got an offer from the US space agency NASA. It has also been told in the trailer of that movie that whatever allegations were made against him, and the allegations were made to ruin him because he was trying to do something good for India.

Nambi Narayanan Professional Journey(नंबी नारायणन का प्रोफेशनल सफर)

After studying his M.Tech, he thought of doing something for the country. He then applied to the Indian Space Agency ISRO and accepted his application. After this, he started making new discoveries, till there was a terrible darkness in his life, he was arrested on charges of corruption and espionage. However, it was later released.

Nambi Narayanan got a big offer from NASA (Nambi Narayanan NASA)

Nambi Narayanan ji was also offered from America’s space agency NASA to work for him. He had also agreed to some extent to work for America. But then due to some reasons they could not join it.

Nambi Narayanan Award

Nambi Narayanan ji has been honored with the Padma Bhushan award by the Government of India due to the research done by him. It is a matter of great pride for them.

Biographical Movie and Story based on the life of Nambi Narayanan

Recently, the trailer of a movie made on him has also been released, in which it has been told that he was also offered to him from America’s space agency NASA to work for him. He had also agreed to some extent to do it in America. R.K., who played his role in this trailer. Madhavan is seen telling his wife that “what much his father earns in a year, he will earn in one day a month”. It is clear from this point that he had also received an offer from NASA, although he did not take this offer.

Espionage charges against Nambi Narayanan (Nambi Narayanan Controversy)

There was a time in Nambi Narayanan’s life when he had to bear those wounds when many allegations were made against him. This sentence is from the year 1994 when Narayanan was allegedly accused by two alleged officers, their names were Maryam Rashid and Fauzia Hassan. Both of them accused Nambi Narayanan of sending confidential information related to rockets and satellites outside India. The launch that led to the allegations is known as “flight test data”. In this situation, many mental tortures were inflicted on him.

Nambi Narayanan proved innocent by the allegation (Nambi Narayanan Case)

Whatever allegations were leveled against Nambi Narayanan were found to be false in the CBI investigation. The CBI had told in its investigation that he was implicated on false charges to destroy the programs of India’s space agency. According to some experts, it can also be said that he had refused to take his offer, after which he was implicated by the then government at the behest of America. All this work was to destroy India’s space satellite. America was afraid that India might not become self-sufficient in the field of space, due to which these allegations were made against them.

It is said that anyone can do anything with the power of power. Whether it is to destroy or build the country. In such a situation, only those in power were being implicated in wrong allegations. In the year 1996, the Kerala court proved him innocent and convicted all the accused in this case and released him from jail. After his release, the Government of Kerala appealed to investigate him once more, but the Supreme Court of India rejected his appeal to conduct this investigation.

In this article you have been told about the biography of a great scientist of India. Hope you liked this article.

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