Interim Bail: What is the meaning of interim bail?


Interim Bail: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is in the news at the moment, let us tell you that everyone's eyes are fixed on Arvind Kejriwal. Currently, there is an election atmosphere going on outside and Arvind Kejriwal's troubles have increased, but now he has got a sigh of relief. Recently a news was heard in which the Supreme Court granted interim bail to Arvind Kejriwal in the liquor scam of Delhi.

Kejriwal got this interim bail but everyone was left wondering what is this? Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has been under arrest since March, in such a situation, it must be running in your mind that what is this final bail? It is a type of bail in which a kind of limitation is given to the prisoner as well as on certain conditions. You get bail only after giving consent and when this bail period is over then the accused or prisoner is put back in jail without any warrant.

Interim bail is never canceled but this bail is extended further, it depends on the court what it decides, let us tell you that elections in Delhi are on 25th May. This is no less than a big relief.

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