India’s victory ?


Babur has said that from the conquest of Kabul (1504) to his victory at Panipat, ‘I never stopped thinking of conquering India’. But he never got a suitable opportunity to take up this work because sometimes he used to go to my work because of the apprehensions of his bags and sometimes because of the differences between my brothers and me.’ Babur, like many before Central Asia, was attracted to India because of its immense wealth. India was a country of gold and silver and happiness and prosperity. Babur’s ancestor Timur not only took away huge treasures and many skilled craftsmen from India, who helped him to strengthen his Asian empire and beautify his capitals. He also occupied some areas of Punjab which remained under Timur’s successors for several generations. When Babur conquered Afghanistan, he felt that he was entitled to these territories.

Another reason for Babur’s longing for the parganas of Punjab was the modest income of Kabul. Historian Abul Fazl says, ‘His (Babur’s) rule inflicted on the Badakhs, Qandhar and Kabul, which did not provide enough income for the needs of the army. In fact, in some border areas, the cost of controlling the army and administration was more than the income. On the strength of these meager resources, Babur could not provide adequate facilities to his family and relatives. He also feared their attack on Kabul and saw India as a good place of refuge and a suitable basis for taking action against the Uzweks.

was suitable. Sikandar Lodi had died in 1517 and the Ibrahim Lodi Takht was the seat of the political position of north-west India for Babur’s entry into India. Ibrahim’s efforts to create a powerful centralized empire had almost alarmed the mighty Afghan chieftain Dolat Khan Lodi, the Subedar of Punjab who was also an independent ruler of the Rajputs. Daulat Khan salutes Ibrahim Lodi’s court

subjected to Lowered the corners of Ibahilodi in Agra. Now the field was lying vacant in front of the bar that the battle of Panipat was not said to be so decisive in the field of view from this point of view – one against Toke and the other against Eastern Songs before consolidating on this area. Its real importance lies in the fact that it started a new phase of domination in North India.

After the conquest of Panipat, Babur faced many difficulties. He was not prepared for a long campaign in India. His worries increased as the summer season started. Away from their homes, they belonged to a stranger and an enemy. Babur says that the people of India displayed remarkable hostility and fled the village when the Mughal armies approached. Obviously, the manner in which Timur had plundered and destroyed cities and villages, was also in his mind.

Babur knew that only on the strength of Indian resources he would be able to build a strong empire and satisfy his begs. He writes in himself. ‘No, Kabul is not poverty again for us.’ Thus he took a firm stance. Announced his intention to stay in India and allow many of his beggars who wanted to return to Kabul, the atmosphere was immediately clear. But it also bought the enemies of Rana Sanga, who started preparations for a settlement with Babur.

Battle of Khanwa


The growing confrontation between Rana Sanga and Ibrahim Lod for supremacy over eastern Rajasthan and Malwa has already been mentioned. After the capture of Mahmud Khalji of Malwa, the area of ​​the Rana’s influence gradually extended to the Jailiya Khar, a small river in the neighborhood of Agra. The establishment of Babur’s empire in the Indus-Ganga Badi was a challenge for Rana Sanga. So Sanga started preparing to expel Babur or at least limit him to Punjab.

Babur has accused Rana Sanga of breaking the agreement. He says that he was invited to India in Sanga and promised to join him against Ibrahim Lodi, but when he (Bawar) wanted to win Delhi and Agra, he (Sanga) did not make any effort. Exactly what Sanga had promised.


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