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The Sanchi Stupa has a solid core in the sacred hemisphere which cannot be entered, but inside it holds the sacred and original relics of Lord Buddha. The Harika or square railing in the center tells about the sacred burial site here. This great stupa has three circular umbrella discs and three eyes of Buddhism. Emperor Ashoka built the Sanchi Stupa in honor of Lord Buddha in the 3rd century BC. The height of Sanchi Stupa is about 54 feet.

Most of the Buddhist statues installed in this stupa were polished by a Mauryan period, which made the statues shine like glass. This stupa is known as a symbol of Lord Buddha’s salvation from the cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth. This stupa is in the middle of four doors which narrates different aspects of different stories of Lord Buddha and Jataka. The national emblem of India has been taken from Sanchi itself. Sanchi Stupa is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Tourist Place At Sanchi :

Ashoka Pillar:

The Ashoka Pillar was built in the 3rd century but despite being quite old, it looks as if it has been newly built. It still has great strength, its construction also matches the Sarnath pillar and its structure is greatly influenced by the Greco-Buddhist style.

The great bowl:

The Great Bowl or Grand Gumbad is a large block of stone that was used to distribute food and other materials to Buddhist monks. It has stood among various historical monuments even today for so long and is playing its role in the fame of Sanchi Stupa.

Eastern Gateway:

Four gates were built in Sanchi in 35th BCE, which depicts various aspects related to the life of Lord Buddha very beautifully. Beautiful illustrations as well as beautiful ornamentation and carvings are still found in these structures which show how they have stood the test of time. Of these, the eastern entrance describes the different phases of his journey.


secret temple:

The Gupta Temple is one of the many temples built in India that are known for their beauty and integrity. This temple exemplifies all the principles that were followed at the time of its construction. The exquisite work done in the temple highlights the art works of that era.

Best time to visit Sanchi:

The best time to visit Sanchi Stupa is from October to March as the temperature is favorable during this time to avoid any inconvenience. After this the temperature rises during the summers, although the monsoon season is also favorable for visiting here. The only thing to keep in mind before planning a trip here in this season is that if there is more rain, then you may have some inconvenience in visiting the city of Sanchi. The time to visit Sanchi Stupa is from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm.

How to Reach Sanchi :

There is a railway station in Sanchi for which you can reach through train from Bhopal or Indore but there is no airport here. About 46 KM from Sanchi. Raja Bhoj Airport in Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh is the nearest airport from Sanchi and some international flights are also operated from here, apart from this you can also travel by bus or taxi according to your convenience. can do.

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