Imagining human life without protecting the environment is dishonest: Santosh Ishwar


Manjhaul. Human life cannot be imagined without the protection of the environment. Happiness in human life is due to the environment. Many disasters in the world are occurring due to the neglect of the environment. Therefore, there is a need to be alert for the protection of the environment in time. The above words were said by social worker and environmental protector Santosh Ishwar while paying floral tribute to the statue of Mahatma Gandhi located at Satyara Chowk under the subdivision headquarters Manjhaul on the occasion of World Environment Day.

During this, a pledge was taken to protect the environment with the people present. Thereafter, along with keeping the environment clean, a rally was taken out in the form of a tableau to protect it and give the message of environmental protection to the people. The environmental protector said that the whole world is troubled by global warming. In such a situation, ensuring the responsibility of its protection is equal to the protection of human life. We should take meaningful initiatives towards planting as many trees as possible while avoiding unnecessary cutting of trees.

Only green trees and plants can bring greenery and prosperity in human life. During this, education lover Amit Anand said that trees are our heritage. To keep the environment clean and pure, we need to plant as many trees as possible. Because trees and plants absorb the poisonous and polluted gases present in the environment and provide us oxygen. Due to which, along with humans, all living beings feel healthy in a clean environment.

Therefore, we should take care of trees like our family. Also, be it marriage or Mundan Sanskar, one tree should be planted on such auspicious occasions. Dozens of villagers including Saurabh Sahil, Mo Gulfam, Neeraj Kumar, Pankaj Kumar, Rajiv Kumar, Sanjay Kumar were present on the occasion

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