If you utter these words at the airport, you will go straight to jail.


Airport: Let us tell you that because of this, there are some places in the country where if you speak a few words, you may face trouble. Let us tell you that today many people use smartphones and internet and make reels on it. In such a situation, these people need an opportunity to go to some luxurious place and make a reel and upload it there.

When he makes videos, he does not choose his words carefully and gets into trouble. There are many such words even in flight, if you pronounce them then you can get into trouble. If you use the word bomb or any such explosive word while in flight or at the airport, you may have to face the consequences of the law. Not only this, the security personnel standing around you can also catch you.

According to the law, Section 182 and Section 505 can also be imposed on you. If you go to the airport and use words like gun, weapon, missile, bomb and terrorist, then you may get into trouble. Let us tell you that this information has been given by the airport authority and they believe that using such words is prohibited. This spoils the environment.

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