If you buy all the marble used in Tajmahal, how much will it cost?


Taj Mahal is very famous but have you ever thought that how many stones were used to prepare this Taj Mahal and now if you go to buy these stones in the market, at what price they will be available. Information available on the internet says that a total of 1.5 million cubic feet of marble was used to build the entire Taj Mahal. Now if you talk about these stones, as of today this figure would reach crores.

Now let us tell you that if we measure one cubic foot in square feet then it becomes 6 square feet. And if we multiply 1.5 million by 6 then this figure becomes 9,000,000 square feet. According to the report of Marblewale.in, the rate of one square feet marble is Rs 400, so now we multiplied 9,000,000 by 400 and got the figure of Rs 36 crore.

If you want to buy all the stones installed in the Taj Mahal, you will now have to spend Rs 36 crore. If you buy marble, it will be difficult to create a design similar to the way the Taj Mahal was built.

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