Ice was considered a luxury, such a big block of ice came to India from America for the first time.


Desk: Do you know that the snow seen in every house today did not exist in India at one time? Today we are going to tell you when the first snow was introduced in India and how snow was brought and used in those times. When the British ruled India. Never before had anyone imagined that people would have refrigerators in their homes in which ice would be stored.

At that time, in 1835, an entire ship of ice was brought to Kolkata. For more information, let us tell you that whenever we use lassi, cold drink, curd or any such thing in our house. We like cold drinks in which we need to add ice. If we even mention the name of snow in summer, our heat runs away.

Earlier, about 180 tonnes of ice wrapped in sawdust was brought by ship and sold in India. Large ice houses were built to store this ice. Ice was also used during the Mughal period, but this ice was brought from the Himalayas and while being brought from the Himalayas to Agra, this ice used to melt. Let us tell you that people had to sweat just to bring this snow from the Himalayas to Agra. Large blocks of ice were brought loaded on elephants.

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